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Sheffield Children's Hospital - New ward window seats

I feel very honoured to have been commissioned by Artfelt - The Children’s hospital charity within Sheffield Children’s Hospital - for our latest site specific commission.

Artfelt transforms the hospital’s walls and spaces with bright art, helping children recover in an environment tailored to them and we were invited to design some large scale cushions to be fitted into internal windows within the newly completed ward.

The scale of the large internal windows provided an opportunity to create a space within the corridors for seating. These individual pods could provide semi private, quiet spaces for waiting and contemplation and we were asked to design some complimentary soft seating pads.

Each window had it’s own distinctive colour and we used this alongside the style of the internal environment (namely the ‘Play Tower’ in the central atrium) as starting points for the designs.

The four individual cushions follow a tonal theme inspired by the space they occupy and the designs themselves have been inspired by wooden blocks and children's construction toys.

Each cushion has been finished in specially approved, highly durable vinyl fabric.

Photography : Images courtesy Artfelt and Jules Lister

Materials : Healthcare approved vinyl upholstery fabric.

Finish : Patchwork

FMG NWWS Artfelt orange.jpg
FMG NWWS Artfelt orange detail.jpg
FMG NWWS Artfelt blue.jpg
FMG NWWS blue detail.jpg
FMG NWWS Artfelt internal view.jpg
FMG NWWS Artfelt green.jpg
FMG NWWS Artfelt green detail.jpg
FMG NWWS pink 2.jpg
FMG NWWS pink.jpg
SCH New ward window seat in situ - orange.jpg
SCH New ward window seats in Situ - green.jpg
FMG on cushions.jpg